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From Tablet to Wipe in seconds, just add water!

transform from a super lightweight 'tablet' almost instantly into a 22 x 24cm durable all purpose cloth!

By adding any liquid you choose purewipes® expand almost instantly into a strong, re-useable, highly absorbent, durable, soft , chemical free, lint free, alcohol free, non-toxic all purpose cloth!

Perfect for makeup removal, picnics, wiping kids faces, temporary bandage, safely cleaning the inside of your fish tank ... endless uses!

purewipes® are made from cotton, dried and compressed into 'tablet' form, very compact and convenient. They are 100% bio-degradable, so when you dispose of them, throw them in your compost bin with your vegie scraps ... they will break down like organic matter ... quickly back into the earth ... 35 days ... leaving NO harmful residues.

Available in:  
2 pc  
10 pc  
50 pc  
100 pc  

useful in the kitchen, at meal times,
wipping faces... and for topping
up your handy tube!
Chemical + Additive Free
Alcohol FREE
Highly absorbent
Chemical FREE
Lint free
Compact & Convenient
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Happy Birthday
Purewipes India is 3 years old
Thank you to everyone who has made
purewipes such a big success in India

Purewipes tablets and wet wipes are now available throughout India.
From Delhi to Mumbai, Bangalore to Chennai..
Just visit your local Dmart store, Natures Basket or many other retailers to purchase these great products.